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Thank you so much for your interest in working together! is a travel and story-based blog featuring stories from around the world. The nice content of this site aims to translate culture in an inspiring way to readers in order to foster cultural tolerance and a sense of connection. is open to partnerships with a variety of different forms. All partnerships are custom-tailored to the specific need of the brand, publication, or business. All rates are competitive but fair and can be negotiable. Please be sure to read the disclaimer regarding any and all collaborations.

A major part of this website focuses particularly on Asian culture and ministry in Japan due to Javon’s background. However, when traveling outside of Japan, One Green Bicycle seeks to report aspects of Asian culture found abroad or interpret a destination’s own local culture.

This site receives over 1,500 page views per month from 50+ different countries. Currently, the strongest following is in the US, Canada and Japan respectively. One Green Bicycle readers are predominantly home & architecture enthusiasts, culturally sensitive, and socially responsible individuals with university degrees, aged 25-44.

javon from one green bicycle is a japan travel specialist

Please email [email protected] to discuss your interest in any of the following:

Sponsored Posts: 

Coverage here on the website including relevant photos, links back to your site, and promotion on all social media platforms.


Products, services, attractions, tours, hotels, or books. A published review here on the website, along with relevant pictures, links back to your website, and promotion across all social media platforms.

Brand Ambassadorship:

A relationship with your brand or product that would entail long-term promotion on this website and all social media platforms.

Press Trips:

An invitation to cover your event or experience your destination. This includes a unique and in-depth account of my experience and my thoughts shared here on this website and throughout all social media platforms.

Freelance writing:

As a Japan Travel Specialist with over 7+ comprehensive experiences throughout Japan, Javon is well equipped for any type of writing about Japan you may need. Whether you’re looking for an original writing piece, or are interested in a piece she has already written, you can be assured you will always receive, unique and well-written content delivered on time.

Getting Lost in the Jungle by Javon

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