I’m Javon, a travel blogger and guide for your travel question in Japan. Travel Bloggers are pretty typical and I realize I'm probably one of the many you've already been looking at and gleaning useful information from. That's great! What's even more great is that you're here. And as a travel blogger, I want to keep you here by inspiring you with some fantastic visuals, inspiring you with stories from amazing individuals like Faith, and finding out how I can help you with your mission whether that means an amazing trip to Japan or by connecting you with some key networkers. If you’d like help or have a question, just shoot me an email.

Basically, I'm a...

INTJ. Explorer. Christian. Adventurer. Crazy Cook. Nurse. Wildlife Lover. Scuba Diver. Travel Blogger.

What inspires me? Untouched nature from the One who made it possible, awesome architecture, and real stories from real people

My superpower? The ability to mess up the easiest of recipes but still get equally excited to keep trying.

Quote to live by? Live life in such a way that if God doesn't show up, you'll fall flat on your face. -Francis Chan

Guilty pleasure? An affogato, with freshly made espresso, homemade vanilla ice cream, and maybe a macaron on the side.

Biggest pet peeve? Inefficiency

If I could best exemplify three character traits they'd be inspiring, peaceful, generous

My Story

Hi! I'm Javon and I began this journey as a pediatric nurse and travel blogger with a passion for Christ, missions in Japan, Pinterest projects, and simple living with family and friends. I originally had a green folding bicycle. My thought process was it would follow me through my future journey while traveling to Japan and travel nursing around the United States. Well, fast forward. I travel between Indiana and Tokyo about every year. I accomplished the big transition of moving my blog from Blogger to Wordpress. This is why you can find lots of great posts already (like crepe cake failures, traveling in japan, and recipes like carrot ginger soup). I write about the Christian faith, ministry all over the world, international traveling, cooking ethnic recipes, and living in simplicity. One thing that especially gets me excited is the chance to write stories about the lives of people I meet internationally and travelers. And I am currently developing several travel courses, free packing lists, and helpful guides for travelers to best prepare themselves if traveling overseas. They are most helpful for traveling to Japan and can be used for solo females, families, couples, or even foreign exchange students.

Want to share your stories from time away from home? Or maybe you're from a unique culture and want to share what it's like.

Let me know by sending me a short email.

My Vision

My vision is to create a travel blog, a place where travelers and missionaries can be inspired with beautiful visuals, the most useful information & resources, and an established group if experienced individuals for networking and guidance. No small order but I'm ready for it and aiming toward the sky.

My Promise

I promise to be fully dedicated to your needs, goals, and motivation when we work together. I promise to help clarify the various levels of cultural differences important for any travels in Japan. I promise to discover what makes your story beautiful and worth sharing. I promise to guide you through the key points you want to experience while overseas. I promise to only share contacts that I fully support with no promotional pushing. I promise to listen.

Why the name One Green Bicycle?

I have actually have heard this question many times. And I often respond differently at different times. Firstly, My heart is happy when I see a cute little bike on the side of a road by a flower shop or something other small shops. So imagine it with a wooden crate on the back rack brimming with flowers, succulents, or local groceries to take home. That scene always makes me smile and when I think of my blog I smile imagining my life stopping at random points in life with beautiful moments all around me. Secondly, there is a reason that blooms from my travels to Japan where bicycles abound in every shape, size, color, and number of child seats strapped to both ends. Simple living is accomplished beautifully in Japan and I love to try to adopt the beauty, efficiency, and simplicity into my own home and life workflow. And Thirdly, I was researching good blog names and found that it is important for the blog title to be simple, easy to remember, and something people will be able to picture (or stick in their heads).