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A New Spring One Week Japan Itinerary: Tokyo to Hiroshima

Japan Itinerary Basics A new friend recently connected with me for an upcoming trip to Japan to ask some questions about the japan itinerary. I absolutely love getting these emails, giving me the chance to research the max out of all of these fun itinerary options and use my experiences to…

Day 3 Family Trip to Japan

Words of the day from yesterday on our family trip to Japan: shinjuku-commercial, busy shibuya-swarm, diverse outer market tsukiji-unique, fresh inner market tsukiji- intense, exotic sushi class-sticky, fun, interesting, memorable Quote of the day from yesterday’s restaurant: Dad- “Eating octopus is one thing [fine] but onions are another.” Word of the…

Japan in 10 days

Hey Everyone! Sorry it’s been a little over a week since my last post. I had a couple of my family come over to visit; so we’ve been touring all around. We did so many crazy cool things I think I’ll be dividing the experiences into a couple different posts….