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A New Spring One Week Japan Itinerary: Tokyo to Hiroshima

Japan Itinerary Basics A new friend recently connected with me for an upcoming trip to Japan to ask some questions about the japan itinerary. I absolutely love getting these emails, giving me the chance to research the max out of all of these fun itinerary options and use my experiences to…

Top 10 Ways To Connect to Free WiFi in Japan

Internet and Free WiFi in Japan Japan sounds like it’d be a country where everyone has free wi-fi all the time in every spot. Wrong! You can get free wi-fi in Japan but you need to understand there are a lot more rules around it and hoops you need to…

Japan in 10 days

Hey Everyone! Sorry it’s been a little over a week since my last post. I had a couple of my family come over to visit; so we’ve been touring all around. We did so many crazy cool things I think I’ll be dividing the experiences into a couple different posts….