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pray for japan with this free ebook japan ethnic prayer night

All you need is friends, food, and a floor in order to host a Japanese Prayer Night. Here at One Green Bicycle, I try to keep us focused on the heart of Japan and how we can connect even more deeply with the country of the rising sun.

I have hosted one of the ethnic prayer nights in the past and it just takes a little organization, just like a potluck supper. It can create a fun and unique environment and be a great way for a potluck group to get outside of their box.

Pray for Japan with a simple plan. I’m not a designer but I do appreciate well thought out design and efficiency. The eBook brings together all of the main steps along with recipe ideas, prayer ideas, and a proper timeline. We want to make it as easy for you to host as possible. Let us know if there are factors holding you back and how we can help create specific solutions.

And for those of you who are up for a challenge, you can try out one of my courses called the Japan30, praying hard for Japan over a 30 day period.

Here are some comments from people who have been to a prayer night.

“I learned so much more than I would’ve just by praying on my own.”

“It was so nice to really participate in the passion of the leaders for Japan. I felt the spiritual need so much deeper afterward.”

“Corporate prayer is biblical and this is one of the most fantastic ways I can think of to incorporate it into your day-to-day life.”

“I thought I would have to eat sushi or eat with chopsticks but it was so nice to have a variety of options along with forks. They really made it easy for everyone to be involved.”

“I had no idea the rate of Christianity in Japan is actually declining. I am so glad I came tonight to pray for Japan.”