The course provides the requirements needed to email me such as dates of travel and places of interest. I will then communicate by email and answer questions to create a sample itinerary. Once the sample itinerary is received, the consult is complete.


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This course is a four module online course that will walk you through every step of preparation for your trip to Japan focusing on travel strategies, culture, and tourist trap prevention tactics. We are starting at the beginning and educating you to feel and act like a native during your trip. You will receive concise tutorials on customs. You will start with a background of Japan and the Japanese culture. We'll keep it simple and helpful for your trip. Then we'll go into traveling and how you can unravel the labyrinth of the Japanese transportation system...with ease and clarity. We'll connect you to the lesser known spots the locals only know about. All of this to make your trip to Japan unforgettable. There will also be a group community forum aspect to the course, meaning that you'll be getting amazing help along the way.


People in Japan can seem so far away. It basically is on the other side of the world. Japan is an ancient civilization with its own distinctive legends and myths. Despite the significant cultural influence it received from China and Korea over the centuries, the 250 years of self-imposed national isolation from the middle of the 17th century has contributed to the development of a rich and highly refined culture. Japan is a leading global economic power, largely due to its advanced technology and manufacturing capacity. There's less than 0.5% of evangelistic Christians in Japan. And even with that number, The growth of Christianity is actually on a negative decline.


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My favorite guide to strategically praying for Japan

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