Joy and Surrender

Mom and I have had lots of moments, some long and others short, to talk together about our thoughts about this situation in the hospital with Dad.

My year's topic I have trying to focus more on is "Joy" for 2016. It is a fruit of the spirit and yet we often think it should come easily unlike fruits like longsuffering and self control. But it does take striving for and it's a beautiful path to strive towards joy. At least that's what it seemed like until this happened. But when everything is out of your control, striving after joy feels downright hard. Here are some verses that have helped point our minds and our hearts back towards joy.

  • Create in me a clean heart and renew a free spirit in me.

Mom shared her topic to focus on this year had several aspects but the main theme was "Surrender". It's not a stretch to see the correlation here. Surrendering control, time, energy, emotions, and even her hopes for the future she had expected with her husband. All hard things but all things God is in complete power over. If we had a bird's eye view of God's story for the current, entire world maybe we would understand, and maybe we wouldn't. But as Christian's, our lives are not our own, they are meant entirely for God's glory whether in good times or bad, whether through life or in death. God showed us small jewel the other day in a beautiful way. One of our two Christian nurses spent awhile talking with us. She shared that by us being here: playing Christian music, praying, posting Bible verses on the wall, etc. It all provides golden conversation starters with the medical team. In a culture where it is hard to even ask a hard questions, sometimes questions and opening up topics, can start bringing light the the gospel here. Here are some verses that have given us courage.

  • Isaiah 41:10