Dustman Remodel - Roofing

This post is going to be super short for the main reason being that I did none of this myself. The only think I did was research and choose, that’s it!

So the debate. Metal vs Asphalt (which I never knew was the word for a ‘normal’ shingle roof) There are other options like slate but they get super pricey really fast. Metal is expensive and there’s even various kinds of metal roofs. The ones I had found that I liked the most were standing seam like this.


and some options even had handy ‘things’ near the lower part of the roof to catch snow to slow it down so it doesn’t crash off the roof (and onto some unsuspecting person). Like this


But then after some cost analysis these latter two ideas fell out of reach. And, honestly, that’s okay! Once I realized that a black metal roof does still have the “energy saver” seal of approval I felt much better about my choice. I’ll show you the kind I ended up with in the next picture. There have been some snow clumps falling off the roof this winter. But I put a clear shield over my pergola so it would never happen at the front door. And the side door I use the most is south east and doesn’t get much snow on that side.

Now the question I get the most about it is “Is it really loud inside?” Short answer is no. Seriously, I love the sound of rain and thought maybe it would be super loud (which wouldn’t bother me). But in fact, I can hear the rain but oh so softly with it’s nice pitter patter. It feels the same as all of the asphalt roof homes I’ve lived in before this. What I think makes a bigger difference regarding sound in the house is the amount of rugs over hard surface floors or carpet. I noticed with each rug I put down a distinct amount less of echo and ‘loudness’.

before (asphalt and flat roof line)

before (asphalt and flat roof line)

after: metal roof and peak over garage

after: metal roof and peak over garage

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