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Many of you have asked to see more pictures of what my house looked like before and details about the various projects. So I’m going to try to go through as many projects as I can remember and put up some helpful pictures. I did a lot of planning beforehand. Partly because that is completely my personality as a researcher/enneagram 5/intj. And partly because that is what everyone says is the most important part: the planning.

Even with all the planning I put into it there were hiccups aka learning experiences. And boy, did I learn a ton! But I knew going in to this project that I was surrounded by a plethora of people to ask, people who are skilled, people who are willing, people with advice. That gave me confidence to move forward despite my lack of confidence in myself. I truly wanted to learn about how a house is put together. And as I learned, the more questions I had and the more I learned deeper topics. Topics that I had no idea were such a big deal when I started. Things like the proper timeline for remodeling. Does flooring come before or after setting your doors? Of course it comes before your baseboard, but that’s beginner level stuff :)

So I’m still no skilled craftsman but I have learned a lot. If anything, how not to do something can sometimes be equally as useful when feeling rushed in a project. Feel free to post questions throughout these next several project posts. I’ll see if I know or can find out the answer. Or maybe someone else will be able to comment and answer questions.

Let’s get started with project 1-painting. It was the very first thing I did to this house. It probably the most controversial out of all the projects that I worked on. Firstly, it’s controversial because paint does have a shorter lifespan than natural brick. It does, truly. Many posts on houzz helped me understand the options between staining, painting, and trying to update trim to not make your hideous color of brick stand out so much.

I looked at all of the options. The brick on this house beforehand kept reminding me of pepto bismol. I just couldn’t keep it pink. What made it seem even worse was that almost every hard surface inside was also pink. The kind of surfaces that are difficult to change like a bathtub, toilet, sink, quartz windowsills. I knew that I probably couldn’t change all of them. But if I didn’t change any the house would continue reminding me of stomach medicine inside and out.

I bit the bullet and decided that I would be okay if I needed to reprep and paint if I had to in the future. And the value of house that I could look at with inspiration was definitely worth it. I love landscaping and did do a lot of it with this house. But looking back, it woudn’t have changed the look of the pink enough for me to end up liking it. And trying to pain the brick after I had put the black metal roof on would’ve definitely been disastrous.

So painting a house, the most important step is prep. And I found an awesome website that helped me along the correct process complete with a youtube channel that I could follow along. It taught me how to use a paint sprayer (that I also was able to borrow from a friend). I fully recommend (and am not affiliated with) www.howtopaintahouseright.com

steps: powerwash, tape off all doors and windows (and soffit if needed), paint the edges/trim by hand, move away anything from the base, ready the sprayer, wait for a calm (no wind!) day, have plenty of paint ready (it took 20 gallons for my house), use the sprayer (it only took me 2 hours), then give it another trim and spray coat a day or two later

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