Christmas Cards for Japan

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas card that can make you scrambling for the perfect picture from the past year. The matching clothes or photoshopping-in the family member from afar or weird expressions from the kids, it never is quite as easy as seems.

But we do it to share our lives with others and reconnect from a distance. To remind others that we think of them and still love to remember our memories together. And knowing that some of those Christmas cards can help us feel more in tune with the people we love is a beautiful thing.

This is my first year doing a Christmas card and I’m loving it. Putting together the address list actually put me into a really sentimental mood. Thinking of all the memories through the years while travel nursing to Colorado, Florida, and Wisconsin. The many trips to Japan and Japanese friends I hope to stay connected with. The friends from college and married friends with new addresses (and last names) and single friends who moved away.


Would you like to send a Christmas card to someone connected with our churches in Japan but just don’t know their address?

I’m sure they’d love to receive cards from friends from long ago or visitors of the church. Contact me and I can give you the address for people at the church. You can easily send the card to the Tokyo or Shioda church directly and they’ll post it in on the wall.

Let me know the people you’d like an address for or which church you’d like to send your Christmas cards to. I will get you those addresses! What a great way it would be to remind them that you think of them and continue to be prayerful for your friends in Japan.