Thank you, Nui Hostel

Two years ago an unexpected event changed the complete course of our family vacation in Japan. My dad had a stroke. It was day three of our family vacation in Japan and we were staying a hostel in downtown Tokyo called Nui. Today I returned to Nui hostel. Nostalgia, sadness, and beautiful but bittersweet moments are filling my heart as I type this in the same space my dad shared his last well moments. I don't know if I can pinpoint the exact reasons that made me return here. It's a beautiful hostel. It's in an easy area to get to from the airport I just arrived in last night. My heart is full right now thinking of the many blessings my dad has shared with me. This place being the last of them. He hated sushi, couldn't hold chopsticks, and never could say arigato (thank you). But He was all-in for our family vacation. He was all-in at our sushi making class the morning of his stroke. He was all-in at the hostel we stayed at full of Americano-loving hipster Japanese. Thanks Dad for being you! For being willing to try sushi even though you wished it was teriyaki chicken. Thanks Dad for flying across the world to be a part of a place your daughter has in her heart. Thanks Dad for riding a bike in a foreign country even with your balance problems. Thanks Dad for always making things fun!

Being in the place, I remember how well Nui staff were at sharing emergency information with us. In the middle of the night when mom and me were seeing Dad's symptoms and not knowing what to do and who to call. They were there. They had a laminated paper with the important phone numbers. Having several medical friends in Japan we had more numbers to call as well. And they gladly lent us their phone. We had trouble using our iPhones since they relied on wifi and the only quiet place was on the sidewalk outside the door since there were several crowds still in the restaurant. They came out and checked on us as we made our calls. They turned on the elevator the following morning before the scheduled hours so Dad could get down from the sixth floor. The stairs were out of the question. They called us a taxi to get us started on our route. They were great. They did everything they could and I wanted to say that to them in person.