Meet Inori

Born two days before my birthday in February this year, I met my newborn Inori at a friend's kennel in Syracuse, Indiana called Teapup. She’s an F1B Miniature Goldendoodle. Golden Retrievers have always been one of my favorite breeds. But each year as I go to Japan for June and July for VBS and other relationships, I have increasingly been interested in a dog that could accompany me throughout the flight. Apparently if a dog is small enough it can be considered a "personal item" depending on the airline. However, there is a very detailed process on the paperwork and procedures that need to be accomplished since the United States is a non rabies-free country and Japan is a rabies-free country. So that made it impossible to go this year. Thankfully, I have two sister-in-laws (and three nieces) that have fallen in love with her almost as much as I have and puppysit. Inori is a miniature goldendoodle which means part golden retriever and part poodle. She'll get about 15 pounds full grown and I think she looks like a real live teddy bear. Inori, is the word for prayer, in Japanese. At first, all the names that came to me most naturally sounded super boy-ish like Sherman and Loch. Which I still love but doesn't quite work for a girl puppy. When I thought of Inori, it seemed easy to say, it had a meaning that was simple to explain, and it sounded more girly. It wasn't until after I named her that I realized it fit in well with the other girl names in our family currently and in the past: Poppy, Cetty, Callie, Lacey...Inori.

So what's Inori like?

  • She moves a lot when she sleeps which is why I will not let her sleep in my bed (after that one time).

  • She would bite at your fingers like hot dogs but we've been working on that and she's improved some.

  • If you look her in the eye and your face is relatively close to her face, she will most likely go right for your nose. My oldest brother was the first victim ;) But who can get angry when she's so cute.

  • She's a great blend of playfulness and chillness. She loves being held, so she will easily fall asleep in almost anyone's arms.

  • Oh yeah, and she loves stealing. My plumber called her a little thief and she often steals one of my shoes, socks, or underwear. Thankfully, she has never actually damaged these things. She usually runs around tossing them like a game with herself.