A Pink Brick Ranch Turns White & Modern

pink brick ranch home

Looking back at the date of my last post I can't believe it's already been since last September. Crazy! Well I've not been idle that's for sure. Let me share about what has taken an extreme amount of my time this past fall, winter, spring, and summer. Here are the highlights. A 1950s ranch with brick that has faded to a pepto bismol pink. Inside it included pink marble windowsills, a 4ft pink bathtub, pink toilet, pink sink (and not the retro kind) along with wall to wall carpet and an inefficient layout. It was a rental house of my dad's. I have never wanted to remodel. My dream was to find a couple acres in the country to buy some land and ship a small (not necessarily tiny) house to perch onto a rolling hill overlooking the many beautiful farms and fields in my area. However, a couple acres with a view like that has proven elusive. Seems people are either willing to sell 100 acres or nothing. So as I wait for that dream, I propelled forward into this remodel. My goals being to learn a ton, practice skills I've never had a chance to practice, meet people and build those relationships, and learn a ton. Oh wait, I think I said that already. So, that might tip you off that even though I was frugal and saving was important, it wasn't my main focus.

black metal roof and painting brick white
almost done dustman ranch remodel