Self Guided Walking Tours in Japan Just Got Easier


Walking in Japan happens all the time. If you are preparing to go to Japan you are already prepping yourself for the walks to the rental car, the train station, the bus station, around the neighbourhood school. Wherever you plan to be you will need to walk. Let's use that time and actually make that walking time one of the best parts of your trip. Walking around Japan's uttermost hinterlands can be lots of fun or it can be super draining if you are shall we say, lost. I discuss in lots of great detail and video about tackling the transportation in my online course for planning your trip to Japan.

This awesome post is all about self-guided walking tours for your time in Japan. Why?

  • Self-guided walking tours are free

  • They are flexible. You can stop and continue at your own leisure.

  • Adapt your route if you want to spend more time at something interesting along the way.

  • Confidence that you are using your time efficiently.

So let's get into it. And for those of you who have traveled to Japan before, let me know any walking routes in Japan you have enjoyed. I'll keep updating the routes to walk all over Japan. And I'll keep this list's routes

These routes are not going to be random routes I've done on my first trip to Japan. They are routes I have put together after several experiences of figuring out what went well and what didn't go so well. If you follow any of the routes I am sharing below I guarantee you will walk past some iconic Japanese buildings whether they be UNESCO World Heritage sights or from the top sights on TripAdvisor. And just maybe, I'll drop in a few of my secret local places in Japan.

So on the self-guided walking routes you'll get:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites

  • Japanese Architecture

  • Uniquely Japanese places like onsens, sumo, etc

  • Must-go restaurants

  • Where the locals hang out

One Green Bicycle is where I pull all of my best and sometimes worst experiences together for others to learn from and then experience. For a little variety, these routes will be in some of the most popular places in Japan for tourists like Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko, Osaka and more coming soon like Hiroshima, Karuizawa, Hakodate, and Otaru. If you are interested in other areas, let me know.

So get these walking tours on your itinerary for touring Japan. Better yet, start your planning with our online course. And let me know what you think in the comments sections when you come home.

Japan's Best Routes for Self-Guided Walking Tours

Downtown Tokyo Self-Guided Walking Tour

Kyoto Self-Guided Walking Tour

To get the most out of Kyoto, you'll need to take tourist Raku bus (#100, 101, or 102) or a taxi which takes a large loop around Kyoto and hits top spots like the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) and the Silver Temple (Ginkakuji) and more. Bus fees are 230yen or you can opt for a day bus ticket for 500yen. More on the Raku bus routes for tourists here.

Before or after taking that bus loop, take the bus or subway to Kiyomizu Gojo station. If you have a car or taxi, stop at Kiyomizudera Temple to start this walking route.

  • Start at Kiyomuzu Gojo station which sets nicely on the riverside at the Gojo Ohashi Bridge.

  • Kiyomizudera Temple

    • Be ready for a steep slope

    • UNESCO World Heritage Site

    • Sannenzaka is an old alleyway with lots of character and shops

    • OneGreenBicycle Tip: There's a pottery store, omen noodle shop, and Camellia Tea Ceremony all of which I recommend trying out if you have time.

    • Kodaiji Temple

      • Tripadvisor highlight

      • Maruyama Park

      • Shoren-in Temple

        • Tripadvisor highlight

        • Chion-in Temple

          • Tripadvisor highlight

          • Yasaka Shrine

            • Tripadvisor highlight

            • Gion Nanba is a great kaiseki restaurant

            • Gion Corner is a fun jaunt down the Gion alleyways for some structure cultural experiences for Kabuki, Geisha, Ikebana, Noh, and others.

            • Shinbashi Dori is a picturesque old Japanese street

            • OneGreenBicycle Tip: The hole-in-the-wall Pontocho Area/Alleyway

            • Teramachi Shopping Hall (covered road in case you have a rainy day)

            • Nishiki Food Market

              • OneGreenBicycle Tip: Most Food Tours or Classes will start or end here

              • Anji Restaurant

                • OneGreenBicycle Tip: Favorite Restaurant in Kyoto

                • 9 Hours Capsule Hotel

                  • Just ask the front desk to take a walk through if you're curious. If you want reservations, better reserve ahead online!

                  • OneGreenBicycle Tip: Walk back along the Kamo River and eat at any of the kawadokorestaurants with overhanging patios over the river for a refreshing lunch or dinner.

                  • Finish at Kiyomizu Gojo subway station and head back to Kyoto Station, your lodging, or keep exploring!

Nikko Self-Guided Walking Tour

Osaka Self-Guided Walking Tour

Duration about 45minutes

Karuizawa Self-Guided Walking Tour

Karuizawa is a beautiful town in the mountains. If you picture misty, green mossy areas like the Shire you'd be pretty close. There are some great spots that weren't able to get on the main walking route. If you have a desire to make it to those sites as well, use the station to go to Nakakaruizawa station and then walk or take a taxi from there. There are some buses but not as many as cities like Kyoto or Tokyo. Most transportation is by car.

If you have more time to explore, get a bus from the Prince Shopping Plaza to the Hoshino area and continue exploring the grounds at the stone church, Hoshino onsen, and Harunire Terrace. Be prepared to see some wedding venues, parties, and picture taking.

The duration of this walking tour is about 3 hours. You can cut off about 45minutes by taking out the pond, outlet malls, and adventure course.

Hakodate Self-Guided Walking Tour

Hakodate is a city on the bay with so many other cultural styles. This walking route would only take 2 hours but it is perfect for relaxing along the way and taking your time at each "must see" spot. It also does use the tram (which is #3 on Tripadvisor's Things to Do in Hakodate list).

self guided walking tours in japan

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