All About Lake Wawasee in Syracuse, Indiana


One of my favorite places in the world is not far away in the Caribbean or in the far reaches of Europe, it is actually a small lake nearby my hometown called Lake Wawasee. Nothing exciting, just gentle waves that maybe become a little rougher on holidays, a small sandbar for floating in a boat or searching for clams. There's a small group of swans that began coming here over a decade ago that I remember. And every time I come, they usually swim by at some point relaxed and enjoying the remote parts of the bay. For the more energetic types, skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing are fun past times. But the best parts are not parts readily advertised. After coming back for many years I've had a chance with my family to explore the local restaurants and opportunities and things to do in the area.

This is my favorite place, and so I'd like to share my favorite pieces of it with you too. Maybe you'll get a chance to visit and enjoy the peace and beautiful water. For those of you that have been to this lake, let me know what I missed and what your favorites are. This was one of my dad's favorite places as well and the memories we've had here are irreplaceable. Have you had memories here too?

Top Restaurants: 

The Pier & Back Porch (Oakwood Hotel Main Floor)

The Channel Marker

Westmain Tavern

The Frog Tavern

...a little farther but worth it...

Noa Noa

The Boathouse

Schoop's Hamburgers


One Ten

Top things to do:

Rent a kayak (best in the morning or evening on weekdays when the lake is most calm)

Bike or walk around the lake

If you have a boat or jet ski, take a turn about the lake, stop over at the sandbar to float for a few hours, take your boat or kayak down a few channels around the lake and hunt for turtles or just look at the houses and enjoy the slowness, take a book, you know that book that you've been waiting to read for months now.

If you're with kids, go clam and shell hunting under the water, along the beach or in the sandbar.

Fishing (There's plenty of ice fishermen in the bay areas if you come during the winter)

Go to a few antique shops in North Webster for those who like that kind of thing or if it's a rainy day.

Take an afternoon trip to Lake Winona and walk their canal shops, their fun shops and a nice dinner at Cerulean.

Some silly things I like to do when I go to Lake Wawasee on my own: 1) boat to the middle of the lake, play Pandora, and read a book 2) Run off the pier and jump into the water, swim to the buoy and back

Lake Wawasee has one very large hotel on the lake that you can see from almost anywhere called the Sphynx (pictured below), it is a great landmark if you happen to feel a little lost. And there are several little channels to explore all over the lake, just be ready and willing to turn around if there is a little bridge or a dead end. If you want to take a little bit longer boat ride, take a channel over to Lake Syracuse and visit their public beach.

For those of you that think about things like rules, like me, there is a low wake rule once the sun goes down where you need to slow down your boat to idle and pop a light pole in your boat so other people can see you. Also be prepared to have enough life jackets for everyone in the boat.

Have fun!