Top 30 Modern Japanese Homes


Japan is a country with quite a variety of architectural styles. From modern Japanese homes to traditional and many more design styles. While traveling, around Japan, I have been amazed at some of the buildings I walk past or see from the train. And modern Japanese business buildings could even be an entirely different list. Saving space efficiently creates some supremely creative designs as shown below in my favorite 30 modern Japanese homes so far.

I think it's amazing that the negatives and struggles of the world are often what forces us to think about creative solutions.

Tight spaces and scads of people are large hurdles for any building project. Location is a very important aspect as evidenced by that age old saying I heard from my dad, "Real estate is about three things. Location, location, location". So if you want to live in a certain area, and yet there's only a 10-foot width to the lot, you're forced to get creative. This is shown in a real life scenario in the last picture of this post.

Do we allow the hurdles of life to encourage creativity? Or do we allow them to break us down and dejectedly look elsewhere or give up entirely? Use these creative designs for inspiration on ways you can look at a negative in your life under an entirely new light with revitalized hope.

Change isn’t giving up; doing nothing is giving up. -Rachel Wojo


white modern japanese home


tree house in japan


tinted window tiny home in japan


thin wood tiny house


thin tiny house in japan


small black home in japan


tall thin home in japan


shell house in japan


ring house in japan


remodeled modern machiya


modern tiny home in forest


modern japanese home in forest


modern colorful apartments in japan


modern barn home in japan


minimalist home design


living glass hallways in japan


large modern roof design


japanese forest home


house on stilts in japan


hills homes in japan


hakuba home with efficient space


glass brick home in japan


glass barn in japan


glass apartment in japan


geometric little home design


floating patio and glass house in japan


clear roof tree house japan


black modern house in hokkaido


6 foot wide japanese home