4 Surprising Ways Your Japanese Name is More Refreshing than New Socks


Even if you have already I bet you'll be surprised how awesome it can look. Seeing your Japanese name is a neat experience. It can give you a closer feeling to the Japanese culture. Do you have a Japanese friend? This can be a neat way of connecting together as well.


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Have you seen your own Japanese name yet?

Through Storenvy and Etsy you can get pdf and jpeg digital downloads of your Japanese name in a simple, modern template. Modern Japanese fonts can be hard to find and just look plain boring or business-like. But after some deep hunting and wading through Japanese sites online, I found several to choose from as well as different background options for your custom name to fit perfectly wherever you want it. I love these fonts. They're fun and yet keep the design so perfectly simple. They also are easy to read and make it easy to replicate if you want to practice your Japanese name in your own handwriting. Or have your kids practice.


Ready-made printable gift tags for Christmas is a perfect finishing touch for any present if you or someone you know has an interest in the Japanese culture. Or maybe they just like unique presents and trying new things! Practicing tracing their name is a lot of fun for kids and they're learning at the same time.


Christmas is the season for parties. And who knows where they are sitting without place cards? These custom digital downloads are simple to print onto any paper and fold for quick place cards. It's the perfect conversation starter if you run out of topics with your neighbor.

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For those guys who are so hard to shop for this is a handy present. You can get them their Japanese name printed and framed or made for their office desk. You can blow it up and make it the main gift or keep it small and use it as an extra part with their gift. Japanese has a cool look, especially in several of these fonts, and it is more useful than those desk trinkets like brass elephants and miniature globes. For great printing options that will take it to the next level check out Artifact Uprising and Minted. I've used both of them and absolutely am in love with their quality.


It's free until Christmas with the below discount code. I bet you can't find refreshing new socks that are as free, useful, and beautiful as these custom Japanese name digital downloads.

Discount code

Until Christmas day 2016, you can receive a free digital download (Storenvy only) of your Japanese name if you use the code. 100% discount code: pray for japan

I'm sold!

One Green Bicycle on Storenvy

This is the free option with the above discount code. Don't worry, you can still pick your favorite design for your Japanese name.


One Green Bicycle on Etsy

Still need to pick up some Christmas gifts on Etsy? This is the perfect time to consolidate. Everyone's got a name, now give it to them in Japanese and in the perfect style.

And with digital downloads, you don't worry about shipping time or shipping charges. Just give me 24 hours to make your Japanese name perfect.


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