The Reverse Bucket List

Have you tried the reverse bucket list?

Want to try something new for Thanksgiving this year with your family? My family has done a great job at trying fresh ways to think about being thankful. But this idea mentioned from The Quiet Revolution is one of my favorite ideas, called the reverse bucket list, I've heard of recently from "The Grumpy Introvert". 

...Allow [me] to share a brief, but hopefully relevant, anecdote. A year ago, I was feeling similarly hungry...for something I couldn’t quite name. All I knew was that I wasn’t finding it in my friendships, my family, or my work. I wasn’t finding it in romantic relationships. I felt adrift, and I felt downright lonely.
Here’s what I did: I let everybody else off the hook and decided this one was all on me. I sat down with a notepad and made a reverse bucket list. My reverse bucket list was a list of the absolute best, most soulful, most meaningful experiences I’ve had in my life thus far. Here’s the really interesting takeaway, one I think might pique your curiosity: Not only did this little exercise ground me and make me feel pretty darn grateful for the life I’ve had, the list revealed to me that most of my blissed-out, connection-rich life moments have involved travel...Maybe travel is not your soul’s currency; maybe it’s mountain-biking or writing or music. You’ll know it when you see it on your life list because, I guarantee you, your soul will say ahhhhh, too. Dive into the ahhhhh...and you might just find that this slippery question of connection becomes a moot point. And how lovely would that be?

Let your family and friends know of the reverse bucket list before your get together so everyone can have plenty of reflection time. Since that's the really important part that makes this exercise so great. So Reflect...and Praise God...with Joy.