Memories that last

The last several days since Dad passed away have been emotional and filled with so many sharing moments of remembrance throughout Dad's life. Standing in the visitation line we had the opportunity to hear so many memories of Dad. Some were from before my time of his schoolboy days. Apparently, he was a little nix-nux. Others were from his life after he met Christ as a young, single man. And His potluck and work buddies had all kinds of memories.

Our family was talking today about what we want to share with each loving person who has connected with Dad.  Most importantly, thank you for your history with him and our family. Thank you for the thoughts, prayers, and special moments that have been shared together.

We heard so many beautiful memories of Dad these past several days. So we hope you'll join us in writing down some of those moments. It could be anything from the general olden days to the very most recent time you visited him in the hospital. We will be collecting these memories and pulling them together into an album to create a remembrance for Mark. We hope it can be a beautiful reminder during this coming holiday season. How can you connect?  Share however many memories of Dad by emailing myself ( and putting "Mark" in the subject field.  Please pass this along to any friends you know of who might be interested. Pictures can be shared but aren't necessary. And we ask that all memories be emailed by October 21st.