Still finding our groove

We are still finding our groove on American soil, and for me, going between my work and Dad's hospital. 
For now, let me share an update for those of you who have been patiently waiting these past 3 weeks.
  • Thursday, August 4th- flew into Chicago, ambulance to Lutheran ER in Fort Wayne
    • Lots of emotions, culture transitions, and hospital differences to get used to
  • Thursday, August 11th- G-tube surgically placed
  • Friday, August 12th- transitioned to Rehab Hospital (in Lutheran parking area)
    • Making good progress in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy
    • Writing is his strength despite the global aphasia and apraxia
  • Monday early morning, August 22nd- worse coughing, oxygen needs, and drainage around his G-tube sent him to Lutheran ER where he was then transferred to the ICU.
  • Thursday, August 25th- stabilized off oxygen and coughing improved, transitioned from ICU back to his same room at the Rehab Hospital
  • Friday night, August 26th- as he went to sleep he was smiling the most mom or I had seen him smile since before the stroke, such an encouragement!
  • Future prognosis and time before discharge is still very flexible and depends on his progress in therapy.