Coming Home After Stroke in Tokyo, A Big Next 48 Hours

Hello from Japan dear family and friends for the last time, Lord willing,

We met with our doctor from Florida) and our nurse (from Texas) last evening. They are both very confident, caring and professional people. After our in-depth conversations last evening and meeting as a group again this morning, we feel blessed to have a great team of people working so diligently to get us home comfortably and competently!

We anticipate arriving in Chicago on Thursday August 4th (US time) between 9 and 10 am and the ground ambulance will then take us to Lutheran Hospital. Most likely we will arrive between 2:30 and 4:30.

We thank you in advance for your continued prayers and want you to know how faithful our God has been throughout our journey in Japan! Mark has a long journey ahead, but we have seen much progress and are so thankful  for each step forward:)

We pray that in some small way Jesus has been lifted up during our time here... HE is so worthy of our focus and our praise! In EVERY situation, pleasant or difficult! Sometimes we can become so consumed in the busyness of living that we can become the center of our world, instead of Jesus! I hope I am just one step closer to keeping JESUS as my center point!

Having had the opportunity to visit VBS at our Tokyo church, it is so exciting to see the love of Jesus being shared around the world and being reminded of what is truly important in this life… Jesus!

Many of you have offered consistent encouragement thru Bible verses and text/emails. Whatever your part, God bless you "exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think!" 

Anchored to the Rock,
Mark and Lori
P.S (from Javon) Because of crossing the international dateline, they are technically leaving Japan Thursday afternoon and arriving to America Thursday morning. It's a strange feeling to arrive before you leave. Just remember for the sake of prayers, all of this is happening on Thursday.