take a peek around tokyo

When we're not at the hospital and with dad, here's some places we've been. Just a little invitation to the scenes we've viewed recently. Above is a building in Ginza we walked past a few times with lots of cute stores and restaurants around it as well as amazing vertical landscaping.
A quick stop at Asakusa
On Sunday, Mom and I both went to Tokyo church. It was a special time for Mom to connect with the people I know, love, and pray for. There were several more girls in sunday school (pictures above) making it a lively morning.
Only a 15 minute walk away stands Hamarikyu gardens with some beautiful scenery. It was such a hot, humid day by the time we had walked the path around the edges, we were drinking lots of water and finding some shade nearby the 300 year old pine tree.
A downtown view, a 15 minute walk in a different direction. The store with the rainbow is a cute children's store lighting up this neighborhood. On my walk back to the subway, I found a Christian bookstore with some beautiful books. It also provided some wonderful inspiration for our upcoming VBS program in Tokyo.
I love beautiful books.