Mark's last week in Japan (hopefully)

Mark slept well several nights this week and several times we were able to take him out to the garden in the wheelchair. Two times today he said Lori-yea!!! He also said, "I love you". It was so special, but then he can't always reproduce the words again later on. Thankful for each step!

He still struggles standing up but is more relaxed now in the wheelchair and is also more alert throughout the day.

Swallowing news: he ate an entire single serving of grape jello as well as thickened tea and some yogurt. We are so thankful

Javon taught him a "thumbs up" and we are trying to use that to communicate yes...
We think he is processing, but we are not always certain regarding his responses.

We have been so appreciative of the sermon streamer - what an encouragement during this time!

Below is Dad doing his therapy, prayer hands. He uses his left (good) hand/arm to move his right hand/arm in folding fingers together and pushing to the ceiling motion.

We hope to fly home on Monday and transfer him to a hospital in Fort Wayne. This flight will look a lot different of course than what we're used to. But we're excited to come home. I, Javon, will plan on returning with my parents until he smoothly transfers to a hospital. Then I plan to return back to Japan for the Tokyo VBS, Lord willing. 

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts during this time. So many needs and hurts are around us. We are so blessed that we don't go through life alone.