Mark moved and communication questions answered

This week's updates...
Nick and Amber went to Thailand and Laos. We will miss them but are so excited for their adventures to come. 
 We received many visitors: Jana Klaus and Sarah Klaus (above)
Junko Hayashi (violin player below) Marie and Akito Inoue (right upper) and Makoto, Anna, Ayana, and Mika

 Reika even had time to meet with us in Shibuya for a sushi lunch at a special place Anna recommended. And she was right, it was fantastic.
 A sweet Christian nurse, Ami, actually brought this into Dad's room this week not even realizing how special this verse has been to us. What a beautiful, encouraging gift from God and from Ami!
Dad was moved from high care to the general ward. Mom and I also moved from Makoto and Anna's house (area pictured above) to a hotel nearby the hospital (less than 5 min. walk). As much as we loved their home and their support, eliminating the several hours each day commute time has been so relaxing. We will miss their girls' smiles and fellowship. 

update on Mark 6/28:
Life gets busy in a hospital and we have had ups and downs, but are trying to focus on the positive! Javon & I take turns traveling the hour and a half trips back and forth each day to the hospital. We have so appreciated the loving hospitality of Makoto and Anna for the last ten days, but plan to move to a hotel a few blocks from the hospital tomorrow.

Mark was moved to a general floor on Monday which sounds encouraging, but can be scary to learn new nurses and procedures.
He has a lovely view of the skywalk and overlooks the river
 (I don't think he's impressed:). God blessed us with a sweet Christian nurse - she's so kind!

Mark is still unable to form words yet other than hi and hey... But at times he does really try to talk. He has three therapy sessions each day and we try to do ROM exercises on his right side 4x each day also. His right leg seems to be responding much more quickly than his right arm/hand. Another lesson in patience...a reminder this is not a 50 yard dash! It's a cross-country journey...praying we can all keep the faith as we travel forward!
II Tim 4:7

7/1 update
pneumonia: resolving, less coughing and less secretions, praise god!
right hand: noticed a slight twitch in arm yesterday but it hasn't recreated today, no finger/wrist/elbow/shoulder strength yet
right leg: strength is increasing, attempting standing today showed the nerve's are still diminished and he couldn't fully set it on the floor
verbal: he was less talkative by the end of the week but still occasionally using hi/hey/and some garbled speech

God has been faithful and journeyed before us and is holding Mark with His strong right arm! IS 41:10,13 Trusting Him!

You have no idea how much we lean on your prayer support...
God bless each of you until we meet again:) We love you!
Mark & Lori

How to Communicate with Us:
Several people have mentioned issues communicating with us so let me try to clarify the best options. 

For Iphone users: 
1. texting/imessaging is instant and free (make sure messages turn blue instead of green)
2. Facetime audio (just like a phone call) or Facetime with video works very well
3. (below options as well included here)

For non-Iphone users:
1. email is great
2. Skype works (like a phone call with messaging) with or without video (any smartphone necessary or ipad with wifi)
3. Facebook messages should be sent to Javon