Day 3 Family Trip to Japan

Words of the day from yesterday on our family trip to Japan:
shinjuku-commercial, busy
shibuya-swarm, diverse
outer market tsukiji-unique, fresh
inner market tsukiji- intense, exotic
sushi class-sticky, fun, interesting, memorable
Quote of the day from yesterday's restaurant:
Dad- "Eating octopus is one thing [fine] but onions are another."
Word of the day from today at the sushi class and the inner market and the outer market:
"Dangerous"-No matter where we were there always seemed to be Japanese people telling us that it is dangerous,examples are: looking at a seller show a live crab in front of you, walking you through the outer market, navigating the inner market, preparing sushi without removing scales. Come on, Japan, we get it already. We will be careful at all times in all ways. No wonder we feel mentally and physically tired already ;)

The outer market of Tsukiji Market

The inner market of Tsukiji (soon to move to Toyosu)
Red Sea Bream
Salmon Roe (fish eggs)
Making our way through the beeping little scooters and tiny moving carts zipping through the watery alleys, guided by Ami-san our tour guide
Our sushi class (in the outer market) where we were seated, given drinks, enjoyed the A/C, and asked tons of questions as we asked them all our crazy questions about how to cut, or not cut, fish as well as how to tell when the fish is most fresh.
learning how to properly grate fresh wasabi on the shark skin cutting board
aji (horse mackerel), bonito, maguro (tuna)
We all were quite full of yummy sushi and had so much fun.
We stopped by a knife seller and ice cream shop before moving on back to our hostel for a little afternoon quiet time.
We even got our last name engraved onto it for free in katakana, ステフン。
On our way, we saw a common gas station, notice the nozzle is hanging from the ceiling. Great idea to conserve space, Japan.

After resting at the hostel with the parents, Nick, Amber, and I decided to go on the sumida cruise's Hotaluna boat (looks like it escaped from a manga book) and ride out to Odaiba for the Oedo Onsen.

Fun, full day all around. But looking forward to the day of rest tomorrow with the Tokyo church.