Day 2 (first full day) Family Trip to Japan

Making our plan for the day in the cafe in our hostel.
We got to our meeting spot but couldn't find the tour guide who was supposed to meet us for the sushi tour. I walked around the walk searching, emailing, and using skype to call and they didn't go through. Needless to say I became a little confused. I totally felt like the guy in this advertisement.
A nearby information center helped point out why my calls weren't going through. So I called the tour guide and found I booked the tour for tomorrow! And I already had a different one scheduled. So I called the other tour company and rescheduled that bike tour for this afternoon instead. Sushi will be tomorrow I suppose. Since we were already at the tsukiji outer market, we decided to walk around and explore. From varieties of matcha, fishes, nuts, and the unidentifiable cuisine.
Custard mochi with a strawberry on top. Oishii!
After the squid, bonita flakes, live crabs, were were ready for some good old fashioned ice cream. Wait, Nick, did you really get the green tea flavor? :) The other flavors (all good) were mango, hokkaido vanilla, and flan.
We exlored the subways and trains from shinjuku to shibuya (sorry mom and amber took all the pictures and I kind of forgot). We went to the pedestrian scramble and the starbucks and walked around in places I'm not sure where they were. We were a little late so we got a taxi and made it to the cycling store right on time (well 15minutes late). Thankfully he was waiting for us and got us all decked out with the right gear. Thanks Yu-san!
The bike tour was fantastic (as always). I'm so glad my family enjoyed it too. It was perfect for learning about the many aspects of japanese culture at the same time and having someone to answer all of our questions, from sumo training times to the history of the imperial palace. Yu-san got us two taxis (since there is a max of 3 people in one taxi) and I had a reservation at Monja in Asakusa where we ate a fabulous steak dinner. A taxi afterwards (conveniently outside the karaoke bar next door) took us home quickly and efficiently since we are still pretty jet lagged in the evenings. Great day 2! Sushi coming up tomorrow with some exploring around Tokyo in the afternoon. Any suggestions of things for us to hit?