A Fresh Start to our Family Trip to Japan

Our Family Trip to Japan starts now!

We left home with fresh smoothies in hand for a fresh start on our drive to Chicago airport.
I think we were all feeling excited.
After our shuttle from the hotel (where we left our car to prevent crazy parking prices) was late enough to make us all regret sitting down for breakfast, we actually made it through Chicago TSA lines efficiently and to our gate with 10 minutes to spare.
Beginning our 15hr 20min journey...
Finally ending that flight in Shanghai and ready for a night of rest. Sitting next to family felt like quite a blessing for my first time having them with me on the long flight. We had no idea what was coming for Dad's return flight home.
The hotel in Shanghai, China was wonderful and the perfect resting spot before our 3 hr flight to Tokyo on Thursday morning. I can't quite place Wednesday because of crossing the international dateline and our long layover. But we'll get those hours back when we come back home to Indiana. Except we never made the return journey together as planned.
Trying unique "breakfast" foods while waiting at our gate. Between Starbucks and "coffee and cates" (which was probably meant to say cakes) we tried all sorts.
We made it to Tokyo's Narita airport, we got an 1 hr train to Tokyo, transferred and then walked the rest of our way to our hostel, Nui. It was a great surprise since I haven't stayed here before. All in all, every part I hadn't tried before this trip has been awesome. Chinese Eastern Airlines was great with some good food and surprisingly nice surroundings. The Ramada in Shanghai had an efficient shuttle and beautiful rooms with some fun Chinese dinner options we got to try like the duck. Praise the Lord for safe travels. We made it here and still had smiles on!
Did a little exploring on our first afternoon/evening by going to "little Ginza" in Yanaka. I've even written an entire post on why Yanaka is the best place in Japan to drink green tea. We definitely experienced some busy trains and got to try out our umbrellas. Oh Japan's rainy season, I have missed you. I'll try to get some better photos and some more details in the next newsletter. But for now, thanks for the prayers, everyone. We're off, on to the Tsukiji Fish market today where we'll get to explore the market with some guides who will then take us back to their sushi cafe where we'll learn how to filet different fishes and to make sushi together. I better have a good breakfast in case mine doesn't turn out so good. What do you think? Should I try mackerel or tuna?
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