Wellness Programs at BHMSD

Resurrecting a wellness committee, revising a wellness policy, and coordinating a grant plus two new programs at Bluffton schools has been a huge part of my life since last August. It's really fun to think of the many ideas and options that can happen. And for those of you who have ideas and motivation (and live near the Bluffton area), we want to know your thoughts. Do you want to see a walking club, food tasting program, or spice bar? Well, good news! They are here and ready for you to jump in. Open to parents, school staff, and even community members we want all of you to have a say and get involved if you care.

Would you like to see a school garden, fundraisers with health foods, farm to school, a poolside climbing wall? We want your ideas. To give us your ideas and get involved, just complete this survey and join us at our high school 100-mile club kickoff event on March 1st at 7am. We'll walk together for 30 minutes and all participants will be entered into a raffle for a 3-month family membership to the local YMCA.