T-7 days

Only 7 days left, really? And in those 7 days I'll be tying off loose ends for my first year as a school nurse, handing off pediatric homecare patients to other nurses until I return, going to Indy with most of the girls in my family and my newest sister, finding out how I can help with the wedding long distance, and oh yeah, packing for a 2 month excursion to the far reaches of the far east. They are 14 hours ahead of us by the way. Can you say jet lag? I'm going to try to use a new app, Entrain that helps you adapt yourself better ahead and during jet lag.

Well maybe not far reaches, since I'll be trying to stay in the main cities for this go round. But I do have some interesting plans to try out some more obscure and interesting places in Tokyo like a goat cafe (That's for you, Katrina Reinhard), an owl cafe (Yes, think Harry Potter), a museum dedicated to ramen, and if I'm feeling adventurous maybe even going to a meat theme park (nervous about this one).

Don't worry, I'll get to hit up many of the super popular places like Ghibli museum for Hayao Miyakai's works like Spirited Away and Totoro, Edo Tokyo Museum, Sky Tree, Golden Pavilion in Kyoto (pictured), Peace Park in Hiroshima, and lots more. This is the first year I'm trying out the famed JR Rail Pass for 21 whole crazy days. It basically gives me an open pass on almost any JR train throughout Japan. Hokkaido, here I come...if there's time left.

I've gotten a few responses while setting up my newsletter list from people thinking I've left already. So just so we are all on the same page, I am still here in Bluffton. Amber and I will be heading up to Chicago next Wednesday and my flight will take off Thursday evening. I will be in Japan for about a month before I fly from Tokyo to Athens, Greece. I had a trip planned already in Greece going through the Steps of Paul with my family for 11 days. Then back in Japan for another month. The VBS is the last week of July, so right before I will come home. That is the plan. Thanks in advance for all of your prayers and interest in staying connected!