To lose a sense...hearing

And when I mean a sense, I mean to lose my hearing! I lost my hearing out of my left ear two days ago. And this post isn't meant to complain; my journal can handle that.

That phrase 'you never know what you have until it's gone' is totally a revelation to me now. I can empathize with my grandma who has had hearing aid issues for awhile too.

Saturday I had a family Christmas and Sunday I had the chance to visit my nieces in West Lafayette. We watched their sunday school Christmas program and Poppy's ballet recital. But in all of that activity, I was finding myself trying to adapt around my lack of left ear use. I would pick up my phone and immediately try to change ears. A friend would whisper in my ear while watching the ballet performance and I'd sweetly nod and smile. Poppy and Cetty would laugh and scream while I felt like I could fall over at any moment. (hearing issues often throw off balance) And when Cetty would be whispering words she's never said before, I'd be straining to understand her mumbled whisper "i wove yuh chu ah sajon" (i love you too, aunt javon). So cute, and I was missing it!

As I'm changing insurances right now with my new job, I'm so encouraged that if my hearing issues continue I can have the opportunity to see a professional in the new year.

But until then I'm trying all sorts of Pinterest tricks, family secrets, and just plain silly things like candleling. Feel free to share any of your family's secrets!