I want to see you again friends in Japan!

People from Japan I want to see again...aka...am missing you so much
Ngoc Thuy, I miss our conversations around the sushi table!
Ayana! By the time I left you finally hugged me
Hisato & Rika, and Hiroko-san
The Klaus family, Nathan and Charity-you need to teach me the name of the Kanji writing app so I can practice :) Hannah-I'd love to see your puppies close up and see your prospective future living places again. Oh, and the fun Chinese restaurant near the church (So unlike every American Chinese restaurant)
I choose not to believe it has been almost a year since we hiked with your dogs
Anna! I know you're in America right now for another week but I still miss you!
Grace, Akito, Hisato, Koichi----Makoto, Anna, Ayana, Marie, Hiroko, and Rika
Kenji- I still remember one breakfast where you would not eat a bagel but were begging for seaweed!
Iwama-san, I'm so blessed God allowed me to see you again and hear your testimony of God's power in your life
Tomo-kun, Carrie, Kenji-kun, Akihiro, and Iwama-san, This ferry trip was beautiful in southern Japan!
Carrie and Kenji, Imada-san and Tomo-kun, Imada-san I still remember our crazy conversations because of my limited Japanese. You'd always just smile and nod :)
Nice role modeling Akihiro, but I think Tomo-kun was still too nervous about this one
Eating Shabu-Shabu with Imada-san and Iwama-san
Kido-san, Listening to your testimony in the back corner of the train station ice cream shop was and will always be a blessed memory I will cherish. Your family is always in my prayers! And how you still Skype into church and bible studies even after so many years; may God continue to bless your dedication!
Oh Tomo-kun, you shy little guy
Machiko-san, Thanks for sharing your testimony and asking questions! That encouraged me so much!
Chantha and Nguyen, Chantha-I cannot believe you got married and are living in Cambodia again. Craziness! Nguyen-Your English skills always amazed me and I hope to have many good conversations if I come again someday. P.S. I heard about you needing a new living situation around Toyosu so I'm keeping my ears open!
Arianne and Nika, I will always remember our crazy puri-cura where our eyes became huge!
Yoko and Jana, in our lovely walk through the park while hearing Yoko's testimony
The ladies fujinkai group! I still have my pressed flower bookmarks and remember the lesson I shared about King Agrippa and Paul. Thanks for translating Onoda-san!
Hiroko, Onoda-san
Amemiya-san, Even though I met you through Toru and Junco at lunch. I still had fun hearing about your life and hope I can come back and see you at this charming french restaurant again!
Junco-san, Toru-san, and Ayako- You were all such great hosts. Toru-meeting me at the train station was so helpful and your English skills made your testimony so smooth. Junco-I loved getting to see your home, hear about your children, see your garden, and even be treated to your persimmons. Ayako-I will never forget that fun upstairs coffee shop where I heard your testimony. I hope to see all three of you again!
Wakako Tsuchiya-san, Our crazy meeting through facebook was historically the most spontaneous thing I ever did. Who would've guessed that I added the wrong Japanese person (who had the same name as a former Japanese teacher of mine) to my Facebook and would get to know and eventually meet her. You made me laugh so many times whether we understood each other or not!
Hannah and Rachel! Thanks for the fun day at the lake and befriending Wakako!
Zen-kun, I can't believe how much bigger you are since I babysat you over a year earlier. Although you don't remember me well I hope to see you again.
The Horiuchi family. Meeting your newest one, Rintaro, and taking me out for Ramyun was a great way to catch up. Thanks for taking the time to see me again and I hope we can have more time together in the future. I'd love to see you in the Shioda church again!
Anna and Ayana, You made my time in various crazy places seem like the comfort of home when you were there. Thanks for the moments of normalcy like the scotheroos and late night conversations! I will see you on the 14th!