Saturday in Wabash, IN

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Since being in Bluffton I've been honored to be part of a group of gardening ladies, including my sweet grandma. We go on field trips to random gardens, greenhouses, and herb fests. And I get to learn from all of these wise women who have so much more experience than me. I wanted to share a comprehensive look at the day but then noticed that I really only took pictures of the plants that I liked. Obviously, I'm a fan of succulents. This herb fest in Wabash had many greenhouses from the area and I found such an enormous supply of various succulents I'm super excited to see how my ball turns out once it has a few more weeks to get established.

There were some hilarious fairy gardens put together. 

Trying to find room in the vans to go home was quite interesting. I think the driver of one of the vans smelled hydrangeas the whole way home. 

That afternoon I made it home and started working on putting my new found succulents into my sphere through small plants and cuttings. 

I even had some plants left over like euphoria to put into this succulent chair.

My fave was the blue one on the top of this picture. I hope it can start propagating because the leaves don't reproduce well. I'll have to hold my horses to get more of those.

And my sphere has half of it put together! Once these start getting firmly rooted, I'll flip it and plant the other side.