What a pleasant word it is for many of us. And my home has changed many times in the past few years between travel nursing jobs and times in Japan. Thankfully, I take comfort in the fact that, for followers of Christ, this world is not our home. As an update since my last post, I have now moved in with a friend and fellow blogger of mine for however long the Lord keeps me here. It's been a peaceful transition moving in with an old friend who I already know well with similar thought processes and ideas of humor. This also means that I officially get my very own garden this year. I even tried planting seeds indoor yesterday and am realizing how much I still don't know yet.

Another bit of news, I've started a full time job at a local hospice and homecare agency. I get to be a pediatric nurse covering 9 counties for children from 3 days to 18 years and I am learning so much. It's a neat change of pace to see patients and families for long term periods and developing relationships with them. I've only been working for a couple weeks, but I've already come up with many bloggable stories for the future. Braving a snowstorm for a blood draw and stepping in spaghettios being just a couple of them.

Since it's been a few months since my last post, here are some picture updates:

I'm working on making this hypertufa pot and propagating the succulents as a project (picture from Restoration Hardware)

The literal flurries of weddings...

Getting to see my aunt Gala again (who is now living in Georgia) and my littlest niece Cetty

Celebrating birthdays with my birthday buddies: me (Feb.18), Amber Steffen (Feb.20) also my current roommate/landlord, and Regan Reimschisel (Feb.19)

Oh yeah, and since my car was totaled a couple months back I had to find a new one. Here she is! After too much time researching and budgeting, I finally found my little jumper.

My grandpa Carroll was also put on hospice recently. He's enjoyed the many visitors and is starting to feel more comfortable, praise the Lord.

This is definitely not a great picture, but I just love this girl so much and this was the only picture I have of recently. Poppy has been such a blessing to me and is, as she says, "my bestest friend in the whole wide world."

These cold temperatures can stop anytime but at least we've had some nice sunrises and sunsets along with the frigid winds.