My Japan plan

Because I truly would love your prayers before, during, and even after my time in Japan. I am posting a calendar (that will automatically be updated) so all my favorite friends and family can know if I'm meeting with church people or on my way Kyushu, etc. I'll be adding to this calendar as I find out more details so check back often. The main three projects I'll be working on are...

1. Meeting with willing church members, recording, and then transcribing their testimonies into English. *Please pray they will be willing to openly share God's story in their lives.

2. Collecting information, pictures, and dates to create presentations to share with our US churches that donated towards Shioda's new church, in order to show how it's being used and the people it is used for.

3. Collaborating with church people to grow a ministry to the community around the churches by connecting the church people with neighbors and with American Christians who'd like to help. Pray God may bless an idea and bring someone who can champion the project by knowing Japanese and have a passion as a Christian. 

Please be prayerful!