from Seiseki to Hachioji

and from Makoto, Anna, and Ayana's to the Klaus family's home

Tama center has their Christmas lights up already. They even have an under the sea theme (thus the blue ocean of lights with fluorescent fish outlines throughout).


One of the best combos I can think of

The Starbucks employees were so excited to play with Ayana and practice their English on our cups

I can't believe how fast Anna has jumped into Japanese cuisine!

Thanks for welcoming me into your home Makoto and Anna! 

Made it to the Klaus' and enjoyed having a full table of people to eat with compared to last year when I was alone at this big table :)

Hannah is driving??!!

Jana's worried expression

the lovely maples

Hannah and Yume('dream' in Japanese)

authentic Japanese eating

cold soba noodles and tempura, mmmm, so good

sweet potato ice cream, it was my first time and it was so good!

It was great to see the home that I had lived in by myself for three months full of life and excitement!