at indy airport with tired eyes

I've made it to my first airport in this journey to Tokyo and thought this would be a good time to give a quick update, thoughts, and some prayer requests. I will be starting my journey in the air this morning at 6am and finally arriving into Tokyo TOMORROW at 7pm. I won't get into plan details but please do pray for safe transitions and even opportunities to talk with those around me. I can tend to be a nervous traveler and it takes a lot of prayer to just feel comfortable at my gate. So I hope God will keep my heart at peace and my mind can think about those around me.

I have a request for anyone interested in being involved with time in Japan. One of the main projects I'll be focusing on is recording any willing church member's testimonies. Because the Japanese culture tends to place respect on modesty and privacy, please pray that there will be a willingness to share the story of Jesus Christ's sacrifice in their lives. To best accomplish this I'd like to compile a list of verses stating the importance of sharing God's word and personal testimonies.

So I'm asking that whoever is interested to please leave a Bible reference or even popular Christian quote emphasizing this focus, being a witness. Once there's a decent list I'd like to type them up in Japanese and have papers at each church.  I'll also be updating as I can with news on the progress from little to small. Some days I'll probably be babysitting, just exploring, or taking prayer walks. Please pray my eyes will be open to needs and God will keep my tongue clear as I attempt some Japanese.

Thanks everyone!

Here's a special verse I read this morning: Proverbs 1:33
But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.