Another almost ending

My time here in Wisconsin is almost up and I've been hopping about with a lot of finishing up tasks. Since it has been awhile since I last updated everyone I won't go into all the little details and I'll try to hit the best parts. Blog posts ideas often hit me at inopportune times so here is the list of ideas I had wanted to share in full posts but instead a list will probably be the best idea.

-I will really miss Lake Michigan's lakeside. that endless water horizon...
-My lumosity failure, I will probably try it again later when I'm not working full time, going to school full time, and preparing to travel overseas
-Fall rains are such a peaceful thing. I'm so blessed to be able to close my eyes and listen to the rain hitting the trees outside my doors.
-I miss my nieces like crazy and am so excited to see them again in a little over a week. Heads up Ash: there might be a poppynapping soon :)
-My trip to Japan will be from Nov 4-25 and here are my main three plans: transcribe the testimonies of willing church members, collect resources about japan's church history and current pictures of new church building and details, gather details to start putting together to start summer english teaching internships
-I love weddings but emotions have been running high to say the least recently. Being home and connected again will be fun. I finally get to see these awesome dresses up close :)
-And I know once I get back from Japan, especially with all the wedding stuff over the holidays, I won't have much time to think about Christmas. So I started making a few gifts while I was here in Wisconsin (and some are even still brewing/extracting). I have to say my homemade vanilla extract didn't turn out too bad. 1 vanilla bean per one ounce of cheap vodka, let it sit for 3 months, and there you go!

And I'm starting to get the luggage out again. I think every time I move, I pack differently. We'll see how it goes this time.