Virtual Schooling

What craziness is this about getting your bachelors online? Not craziness at all! I just started my virtual campus from USF. I'm super excited! And it's not because I love school, because that is definitely not true. But it's so convenient; I can get my BSN in one year of online classes where I never even need to be in the same state or country as the physical university. This means whether I go to Japan or stay in Bluffton or even continue travel nursing I can get this done in my off time.

I've never done this before obviously but it seems that most of my fellow students who have tried other options really like USF's virtual campus more than most. And another nice little detail too is that if I would like to get my masters in family practice I can continue after this first year for another three years (one campus visit per month) and I could get that done. I still am on the fence about that part, but having a bsn is pretty much required at many hospitals now-a-days. And also, if I want to do any English teaching in Japan, a bachelor's degree is almost always one of the requirements. So, two birds with one stone. Speaking of Japan, a trip might be in the works as I type...but you'll need to check back to find out more about that.