sting rays, ice age 4D, and two princesses

Just some of the fun memories I have from this year's Labor Day. Some last minute plans changed, so instead of just meeting the family in Chicago for Saturday, I went back with them and chilled for the whole weekend at Lake Wawasee which just happens to be one of the most relaxing places on the planet. Or maybe that's just me. Anyhoo...
Started out meeting at Shedd's aquarium in Chicago (By the way, Spothero found us a great parking space. It's a good website to know of for anyone heading to Chicago)
We watched the Ice Age 4D which is like all the ice age movies packed into 20 minutes and topped with imax theater effects like water on the face and jiggling seats. I think the girls were a little stunned. Thankfully these pics were taken beforehand so you can enjoy their smiles.

she actually touched it! success!

it was squishy!

watching the aquarium show

ducks...apparently the most fascinating animal at shedd's, at least for Cetty

heading back to Lake Wawasee

This is my favorite picture of cetty from the weekend. It makes her look like she's from the 1920s.

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