My crazy...I mean awesome brother

is in the middle of who-knows-where! Thankfully, God knows where or else I'd be really nervous.

Since he doesn't use his blog very often I thought I copy over some of his recent posts so all his friends can be imagining him at a goat farm, or at least mentioning him in their prayers. He face-timed my parents a couple days ago and I got to listen in to the conversation by phone and that did ease my nerves somewhat.

If you want to read more or leave a comment for him there's a link to his blog on my side reel and I'll also put it here:

July 14, 2013

Made it

Just 15 minutes before the Church of the Beatitudes closed, a bedraggled and dusty traveler staggered in. Though portions of my last full hiking day were rather restful, such as my time absorbing all the water I could at a gas station following a lengthy and misguided hike through the nearby pomegranate and olive tree fields, the end was not. My conversation the night before asking about a room must’ve been forgotten and my backup plan of taking the local bus into Tiberias fell through because it was Saturday. They don’t run on Shabbat. My last option was my previous night’s hostel manager, who was kind enough to pick me up and bring me back to stay once again at the Yarok Az Ecolodge. More pictures and mini-stories will follow, but suffice it to say that I have completed the Jesus Trail. Now I need to start planning the next leg of my journey. I’m looking southward toward Jerusalem, the West Bank, and possibly the desert beyond.
Image July 11, 2013
Finally I reached the Yarok Az Ecolodge, a beautiful organic farm with goats, horses, and much more. Though I had planned for this to be a simple pitstop to drop off my bag, I ended up sticking around and enjoying the afternoon. I think my 4 day journey just became a 5 day one. And […]
Image July 11, 2013
Israel does manage to maintain a frightening array of sharp, poky weeds that molest unaware hikers. If that doesn’t look intimidating, you’re not looking closely enough.
Image July 11, 2013
…and here is a photo of the sign I missed. Let me know when you see the orange on white.
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