Israel Day 9

breakfast buffet with a large variety and some of the best coffee I've ever tasted
0800 walked into Petra-part of the Byzantine Empire taken by Romans in 106AD, "the lost city" and many details lost after 747AD earthquake as well a flood every two hundred years submerging the sandstone causing more and more erosion. It has become a world heritage site and is #2 of the new seven wonders.
It's in the land of Edom which is the area of Esau's descendents, the Edomites and were conquered by the Assyrians.
The tallest mountain in Petra is Mt.Hor, thought to be where Aaron is buried. 
All the carvings were made by the Nabateans. Most of the areas here are 2,000 years old
Inscriptions in Arameic and Greek
All the stone here is sandstone except for limestone roads
Siq- means 'passageway'
The arch was built by the Romans and collapsed in 1896 from earthquake
Nabatean God is Alshara or Lord of the Mountain
Aritus IV memorialized in a tomb by Nabateans
And the nabateans were thought to be from Yemen but there isn't much confirmation for that
Walked up to the High Place of Sacrifice and tried to make it to the Royal Tomb with NIck and Phil but we didn't have enough time
1pm bus to Wadi Rum, mom didn't want to brave the possible car sickness again so she stayed back. The roads and drivers are a little windy and quick here in jordan. 
I lost my journal at Petra and couldn't find it after retracing my steps so I prayed about it and got on the bus. 
Made it Wadi Rum a few hours later, and took a jeep ride through it. Halfway through we stopped at a Bedouin tent for tea and got a camel ride.
Mark and Barb also had found my journal from Petra, what a God thing! Thank you Lord, that is the only way I could now type up these notes!
Drove the rest of the way through Wadi Rum, peeked at some of the unique tent camping sites and then headed back to the hotel in Petra. 
7:30pm ate supper together and packed up for the trip back to Tel Aviv in the morning

ancient carvings

bedouin camping

not camping, here's the beautiful hotel we could return to :)