Israel Day 8

0800 bus to Masada (the last point of resistance- a fortress constructed by Herod the Great
It was built for Herod (even though he never even used it) but after he died the Zealots used to escape from Roman slavery. The zealots all killed the women and children and finally themselves before the Romans made a way into the fortress. Only two women and children were left from the mass suicide. It was later resettled by the Byzantine monks.
Masada shows the value of life and the value of freedom
*What tax rate  would it take for you to kill another human being?
The true freedom doesn't come from death or fighting off enemies BUT it comes through Jesus Christ
Contrast the story of the Zealots with the words of Christ. John-spirit quickeneth...they are spirit and life...
Hebrews 11
Jesus never asked his disciples to take their own lives, that would've been despicable. He wanted to give life and give it more abundantly.
Abraham considered this land, a land of promise.
We are strangers in a foregin land, this is not our place of comfort and/or security
It's too easy to put ourselves into a Masada.
*saw a rare bird found only here and in Engeddi called Tristemic (not sure of spelling)
1200 lunch at beach along Dead Sea
1:07pm farewells to Tel Aviv group who left to go home and we headed on to Jordan
Made it to Jordan Border, we all got through okay but Seth Gerber couldn't find his luggage. It was left on the bus heading to Tel Aviv.
Our jordanian tour guide who we called Louis, driver-Ah'med, tourism police-Abdul
Mt.Nebo where Moses looked out over the Promised Land and was thought to be buried, sang "Sweet Hour of Prayer"
*1 denar=1.5 dollars
Jordan's population  is around 6.5million Jordanians and only the people only live on about 10% on the land. Top three cities are Ammon, Zorca, and Elbid. Total population of about 9 million with laborers and refugees
Typical Jordanians: 40% are bedouins but most live a normal lifestyle, about 1% are still nomads
Arabic is the official language
99% are Muslims-very small amount of greek orthodox christians
In arabic, let's go is "Yella"
Nebo is arabic, it means inspiration
Peshgah/Pisgah means peak
To differentiate Roman from Byzantine artwork and easy way to tell was to identify any of four classic Byzantine symbols (cross, peacock, fish, and swatsika)
Deuteronomy 32-in the land of Moab he died at 120 years old, no other prophet knew the Lord face to face
These are the glimpses of how God relates to his people, here is a frienship
This is right next to the land of Edom and Moab

Traveled the rest of the way to Petra and stayed in a fabulous hotel, ate a late supper at Cave Bar which is a restaurant near the entrance to Petra made from an authentic 2,000 year old tomb