Israel Day 6

0740 bus to Mt. Olives
*The university of jerusalem is on the highest level of Jerusalem, population is 800.000
We viewed a view over Jerusalem, the dome of the rock is 1/2 the height of the old temple. Bethany is on the east side of Mt. Olives.
Mark 14 this situation truly conveys Jesus' humanity, He feels human emotions.
It was in this spot that Jesus talked of the coming destruction of Jerusalem.
Luke 21:37, 22:39 (It was typical of him to spend time here)
His heart was moved to pray and he also felt stirring like humans do
We get to keep our quiet time, he gives up permission to leave the crowds and commune with him
"his spirit was troubled" turmoil, sadness, all human emotion and it was not unholy at all
"offense" (to fall away) to the scripture comes when our faith in scripture shakes
"we'll be fine" says Peter. "sore amazed, be very heavy" that's permission to also feel this way
It's not a lack of faith, or turning from God. It's a time we must go through to learn. Jesus never condemns Peter. He reconfirms Peter even after this.
God is not hurt by us pouring out our heart as he did at this spot.
Lord give me grace to offer myself to the next step.
Kidron Valley-tombs of Zacheeus and Absalom, Golden Gate with Muslim Cemetery built in front and Church of the Ebony/Church of All Nations (commemmorates the night in Gethsemane, Revelation 1:8 was written on the front of the church) Here we listened to their mass and singing
Turks rebuilt most of the walls in the 16th century but in all the walls have partially been rebuilt 4 times
Gethsemane was the word for oil press and this is the place where the farmer's would bring all their olives for pressing
to anoint in hebrew is 'la show' meaning Messiah
an olive tree never dies, even if it catches fire, it will grow the next year. their trunks are hollow inside so we are unable to count rings to measure age, but they are estimated some of them are the witness of Jesus.
John 18:1-3, read next to the Brook Cedron which is another name for Kidron
0925 start walk through old city starting in Muslim quarter
Stephen's gate, Acts 6:5-8, 54 to end of chapter, it also knows as Lions Gate known because of the Lions of Judaea
John 5:1-9, Isaiah 7:3 walked into Bethesda Pools where some water is still pumping into the base from the pulse spring
At Bethesda pools, the angel troubled the water
Saw and tasted from the berry of a peppercorn tree
Sang in St.Anne's church which was absolutely beautiful(All hail the power, bessed assurance). Met Norwegian group who sang Landante Dominum, a latin christian song. We sang Amazing Grace together.
Watched a Vietnamese group walking the "Via Dolorosa" way of the cross that Jesus' walked. 
Viewed the original floors of Antonio fortress (hall of judgement) in a chapel (church of the condemnation)
John 18:38-19:3 the arch verse
*coptics are egyptians
very steep from no.9 of via dolorosa to calvary
Ethiopian monks (very poor) are guarding the entrance to the actual site, many groups fight over space in this area
visited the church of the holy sepulchre, built in Byzantine Era and then rebuilt by the Crusaders
walked down stairs to lowest part of the church
St.Helen believed it was Jesus' crucifixion site because three crosses were found here and one was blooming. Although this was a common area and nothing can identify if the cross actually belonged to Jesus. 
Stone of Golgotha, parts turned red some think it is the Blood of Jesus and others think it is just oxidized iron
ate lunch: chicken schwarma then walked to the jewish quarter
An earthquake in 749 AD broke most of the tile stones
saw Synagogue Haramban which is the largest in the world
The wailing wall/ west wall remnant, actual Jerusalem wall-people pray here usually writing their prayers on paper and stuffing them into the cracks in the wall and then slowly back away from the wall as a sign of respect. Jews will read the Torah and/or say their own prayers. Bartmitvah's are frequently done on certain days as well. The men and women are separated by a wall at the wailing wall
Where the west and south walls meet (outside that corner) is where Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers)
Herodian stones (bigger) on the bottom. The upper part is from Turks (smaller) when walls were hit by earthquake in 1749.
2:09pm back to bus and went to the possible room of the Last Supper
The Zion Gate Palace-entrance to the city of David
The upper room-upper means it was up on Mt.Zion, this one built by german crusaders 1000 years after the last supper, then the muslims turned it into a mosque, and now it's been opened up to the public
Mark 14:12-26 (sang My Jesus I love thee)
walked to St.Peter In Gallicanto, thought to be the spot where Peter denied thrice, also houses the remains of the Palace of Caiphas
viewed the field of blood/Potter's hill, Hinnom Valley (Gehenna)
Matthew 14:26-72, read 53-72
Luke 27
3:15pm Caiphas Palace-Jesus was taken here right after from Garden of Gethsamane and before being taken to judgement hall
viewed Peter's well and Romans Road which conducts Mt.Zion to the upper room, he went down as a free man and up as a prisoner
Luke 22:57