Israel Day 5

0730 bus to Jordan River, Jesus' baptism site (near Jerusalem per vs. 5)
*A,B,C lands: A means they are under Palestinian control, B means the lands are under negotiation, and C means the Israelians won't be giving them over to the Palestinians
The area between Jordan and Israel's border is no man's land because the fence isn't directly on the line because of the Jordan River
Jersusalem is a microcosm
"beyond the Jordan" probably east side because it is mentioned that they will be crossing into Israel like Jordan
Leviticus-priests were washed beforehand
Matthew 3
John knew his place to prepare the way of the Lord to make known we are sinners NOT to save or be the Lord.
Repentance is the first step BUT with just that, we're still stuck because we still need a savior. If we stop at step 1, we are not saved.
John recognized the limitations of his ministry. Our job is to lay out the gospel, no save anybody-vs 11
Matthew 4:13 "it becomes us to fulfill all righteousness"-a model for all of us to testify what is right
Jesus does it because he wants to, to be a model. NOT because he has to. What a beautiful act of humility.
*Do the right thing because you want to not because you have to.
Here's one appearance of the trinity also.
Romans 6:1
Matthew 4:12 Herod Antipus(the tetrarch of Galilee)a cast John into prison
Jesus went there and while John was in prison he worked all sorts of miracles. Other passages show Christ was deeply moved by John's plight. But he still didn't fix the problem. And Jesus honored him; he wasn't upset with John's heart. Matthew 11:11
Did Jesus deliver John? Yes, but it wasn't until after his death where he will be delivered for eternity. 
Dying to self is not giving up hopes, it's about seeing more clearly the greatest hope. (we sang and some shared special moments from the trip thus far)
Next, we took a dip in Jordan on the west side.
11am bus to Jerusalem and Shrine of the book
Bedouins and camels on side of road, also wild dogs were running along dirt roads
Traveled down the Good Samaritan road Luke 10:30, leading from Jericho to Jersualem
Current bedouin tradition to host travelers for three days before asking cause/reason. Custom is also to serve coffee, very special with deeper meanings like when the cup is filled to the brim it means you're not welcome.
Psalm 122
11:45am arrived at shrine of the book-Dead Sea Scroll, Jerusalem, and Israel Museum
Remodeled from 66AD, 30 years after Jesus, 4 years later (70AD) the temple was destroyed
The temple was built on Mt. Moriah by King Herod
Hall of Judgement/Antonia Fortress
The western wall(wailing wall) was not part of the temple
The Golden Gate(next to the Kidron Valley, on the outside walls) are the ones that Jesus will walk through when he comes back
Why the west wall? Because of history this was the only one that had access to fulfill prophecy
Joffa Gate (west) for Jesus' walk to Golgotha/Calvary per Catholics and most other faiths. Protestants believe it happened at Damascus gate (north)
Shrine of the Book-copies of Dead Sea Scrolls found in 1947 by a bedouin shepherd
These scrolls had lasted for 1900 years in a cave near the Dead Sea called Qumran (NW shore of the Dead Sea)
This is now the oldest evidence for the text of the Hebrew Bible (all books were found except Nehemiah and Esther) and they are dated back to the 3rd to the 1st century AD.
Isaiah was the only book found in its entirety. Scholars estimated Isaiah was written in 100 BC
The pots in that day to hold the jars were made very uniquely. Since they didn't have a spinning wheel they would instead make a clay rope and wind it in loops one on top of the other making the shape of the jar they wanted. Then they'd cover it with loose clay to fill the holes and even it out. Then they'd fire it to seal.
They think John the  Baptist was a part of the group (who found the scrolls) before he started his baptizing days in the Bible, but it's unconfirmed. That groups name is the Sons of Light, they called others the Sons of Darkness
1:02pm bus to Bethlehem and the shepherd's fields
ate lunch in a Bedouin tent looking out over those fields: many pitas, salads, meats, and french fries with mint lemonade
visited the church of the Shepherd's field
Luke 2:8-20 sang Angels we have heard on high and others (Beautiful!), visited a grotto thought to be like the place where Jesus was born
Ruth and Naomi came back to this country
Ruth 3-above the hills
Church of the Nativity built in the 13th century from Crusaders in Byzantine, had a low entrance so no one could come in with a horse, they must get off their horse to enter the church
According to Catholics and Greek Orthodox and Armenians this was built over the birthplace of Christ and a star of Bethlehem with 14 sides was engraved at the site
On the Roman Catholic side of the church: St. Jerome (who translated the bible into latin in the late 5th century) is buried in the corner of the grotto and is more authentic looking
*KJV came out in the 17th century
6pm after a little shopping, went to hotel . Sue Ellen fell that night, twisted her knee and was taken to the ER. She took pain killers and rested as much as possible after that become going home