Israel Day 4

0730 bus to Caesarea Philippi (close to Lebanon border)
*Bocher Tov! means Good Morning! in Hebrew
this is a very fertile area
Joshua 11:10-13
Judges 4:1-3
we passed through Hazor, Mt. Hermone, and the Banias nature preserve
Matthew 16, Psalm 133
Temple of Pan- The God of Pan- believed this area to be the gates of hades, they would throw in sacrifices, very superstitious people, they believed if the body would sink that means the gods accepted it. If the body floated, it means their sacrifice wasn't accepted
Matthew 16:13 Jesus very likely took his disciples here for this teaching, right in the middle of the superstitious area of pagan worship, he asked, "Who am I?"
Simon means 'one who hears' in hebrew
Jesus refers to 'this rock' which means upon this confession of faith. Peter's name means rock also, but he was a little rock. The foundation rock for the church is the confession of our faith in Jesus Christ.
As so long as you are building your ministry on the identity of Christ, he will not fail. As long as it's based on the confession at Christ, proclaiming his name and identity. When you wonder if you're doing any good remember this place. Peter, you're just a small rock. It's about the big rock, that confession of his identity. 
What is your ministry about? Is it about your hope, your name, your goals? Or his identity?
vs 19 this is the beginning of belief. The foundation of the church tasked to the disciples, then in the rest of the Bible it lays out what you do each day once you make this decision.
vs 20 he was not ready to start a cultural/political war. I don't want you to tell people this right now because they're going to get the wrong message. But I want to tell you what to prepare for.
vs 27 how we'll know it was worth it
II Peter 1 There's do bad thing about doubt IF it leads us to the truth.
vs 12-18 referred to earlier transfiguration
*Mt. Hermone was probably the site instead of Mt. Tabor because it was right after he was at this rock.
We believe the Bible because it is a congregation of testimonies of this truth
This is a place of strength for our faith. Don't be discouraged, check yourself!
Let this place embolden you in your life and your ministry!
Psalm 133 Mt. Hermone
10:15am bus to Mt of Beatitudes
Matthew 5
St. Peter's Primacy, Matthew 14:13-21, John 12 - This church was built in Peter's honor
Hippos ship - 19 century song sang by boat's crew who was taking us to the other side of the sea of Galilee:
     While still, deep within the heart
     The soul of the Jew it still exists
     Our eyes are set upon Zion
     To the east
     Our hope is not lost
     Our hope is 2,000 years old
     To be a free nation
     In our land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem
Mark 4:35 and Matthew 14
Ein-gev Fish Restaurant for lunch at 2pm: ate whole tilapia, pitas, dates, and fries
bus to Bethsaida (hunter's/fisherman's home) and Jordan River Park
Bethsaida was a town which experiences healing in the midst of decay
Perhaps the capitol of Geshar, Meika-David's wife, was from here, she was Absalom's mom
Mark 8:22
This town heard and saw God's miracles and many still didn't believe
Peter and Andrew's home: In a group of people who don't believe, there are still some who believe.
The streets of Bethsaida, parts of it are still left from Jesus time (sang footprints of Jesus)
3:17pm bus to Caperneum
Mark 1:21-34 Jesus waling from the synagogue to Peter's house
The synagogue was built before the destruction of the temple because the doors aren't facing Jerusalem.
Mark 1:21-34 the base remains, but the top was rebuilt in 4-5 century AD
Peter's house is built behind 3 generations of churches
The cobblestone is pretty big-compared to impact of story of woman who lost her coin and searched for it (that'd be tough to find with these big rocks for flooring)
Matthew 4:13-17 (Peter's house)
vs17 Jesus' basic massage: Repent!
Matthew 4:18-25 (by Sea of Galilee) Peter and Andrew were called here, James and John also
Jesus doesn't just call and save. He called them into ministry, to be fishers of men. Think about what that ministry is to you? And how are you doing? How much are you paying attention and actually doing it?