Israel Day 3

Sea of Galilee in the morning

breakfast at 0630-a little stressful because nick and i never got our wake up call
(tid bits of info*) *70% of Jesus' teaching was done between Bethsaida, Capernaum, and Chorazin on the north side of the Sea of Galilee
bus to Nazareth and Cana: John 2:1-11 water into wine, Jesus' first miracle
*Messianic Jews claim Jesus and his resurrection while also claiming their Jewish heritage
Luke 4:16-32 (while on Mt. Precipice, viewing old Nazareth, Mt. Tabor, and valley of Jezreel)
*kibbutz is a jewish commune
*moshavo is a jewish commune where they can own their own property
The church in old Nazareth is said to be built over Mary's well
Met Daniel-tour guide for Nazareth Village
Hebrews 4:12 saw a double edged sword
The door inside of a door Jesus referred to when speaking of a rich man and camel going through the eye of a needle, also referred to this door with the verses about the narrow gate
The cross was a Persian made invention, Romans added the part with the nails
Why did Jesus die only in six hours when most survived this method for three days?
Some say it was so he could not have any bones broken as per prophecy. Some say as it says in John 10, he willingly gave his life. And others claim the medical reason, that he was flogged and beaten more because he had more charges against him and because of those increased struggles he wasn't as strong as others.
*We are like olive trees: being in Jesus, we can produce fruit but instead of thousands of years, we can live eternally
*Black and green olives come from the same tree, it depends when you pick them (green first, then they turn black)
Matthew 25-sheep and goats were usually kept together
saw almond trees like in Jeremiah's vision
viewed example of threshing floor with sled(underneath were stones in holes attached to sled). This sled was pulled by the donkey over grain to separate from seeds
viewed over 2,000 year old wine press
Mark 12-remade their watchtower according to this chapter
This farm was 5 minutes from Jesus home and his childhood. It is also on the road to Sephoras. They found irrigation channels along this path.
Had working remade oil press. Olive oil is made is three presses with the first one going to God and the church. The second one is for man's use and the 3rd is for the lamps.
*Gesthemane in hebrew means oil press
Isaiah 53-he was crushed after being in that garden called after crushing olives
Daniel shared his testimony how it wasn't the Christians that persuaded him. All of his decision to become a christian started from reading the old testament and searching the prophecies.
The dyes used at this time: saffron was used for orange, walnuts were used for a grey/brown, onion peel was used for lt. brown, pomegranate was used for red, and for the royal colors like blue, green, and purple, sea snails were used. But one sea snail only produced on drop of dye
Zata=Hyssop which is a herb used in dipping sauces mostly
Carpenters worked with wood and stone in Jesus' time
sang in reconstructed synagogue from the 1st century
When punishing people in Jesus' time, they'd push them off a cliff (the height was never supposed to be higher than the height of two people)
11:30am bus to Megiddo and through the valley of Jezreel
Walking tour on Tel Megiddo-location of the final battle, covers an important cross road for Romans
Starts appearing in Egyptian history in 15 b.c
Stunning water channels built by King Ahab
Bronze age gates-the place of business deals and also defense
Ruth 3:10-4:1, Provers 31:23
2350 bc-the first recorded battle took place here
Debra and Barak fought here
Gidian and midianites which was the first recorded night battle
Saul and Jonathon against the Philistines
Jehu and Jezebel fought here
Josiah fought and died here
Vespasian fought here
630s AD Islamic wars
Mongols also fought here
Napoleon called it the greatest battlefield of the world
Tutmos III attacked here through the valley which was unheard of but ended up working and Applebee used that same plan to attack the same spot over a thousand years afterwards, and again it still worked
Revelation 16:16 end of 7 year period
vs 15, this is important, be ready! Our life is not going to go on forever, there is an end. Make a choice! You are condemning yourself when you choose to disobey. When you meet your Megiddo, "Do you really want to do this?" Watch, keep your garments spotless! Judgment is real. Be on the winning side! Think about Megiddo (and the reality of judgment) when you're tempted. There's also a spring of Jezreel right next to Eucalyptus trees.
2:30pm bus to Galilee
*Naam-he walks all the way here to touch one woman's life. He has passion on individuals. Matthew 17:15 Mt Tabor, transfiguration
Genuine boat from 1st century recently found in the sea of galilee and named the Jesus boat because it's the same kind used for fisherman at the time
Witch of Endor-Saul, passed Endor at 1441
3:15pm The Galilee Museum
Yigil Allon Center
The Jesus boat was found in 1986
4pm headed back to hotel-praise singing on the beachside. It was beautiful!

Mount Precipice

Old Nazareth

Jezreel Valley

Museum at Nazareth Village

Olive trees up to 412 years old

Almond trees
Old style grain mill

Wine press from Jesus' day (the square part where he is standing is where they would step on the grapes on then there's a funnel in front of him dripping the juice into the lower square)

Pressing the olive oil

first stage of olive grinding for oil

Megiddo (the fortress next to the valley where the last battle will take place)

The aquaduct King Ahab built at Megiddo

A boat found in the Sea of Galilee that dates back to Jesus' time

this is what they think it originally looked like

swimming in the sea of galilee