Israel Day 2

6:30am breakfast: cappucino, raw fish, eggs, oatmeal and gratefruit
7:30am bus to Jaffa/Joppa (meditteranean town built by Turks)
This coast is where Jonah made his decision to jump on a ship to Tarshish(a wealthy city near Spain), running NW (the opposite direction of Ninevah)
also the site of Andromeda's rock, these collection of rocks are the exact same boulders along the shore the Peter saw coming in to shore. Peter also healed Lydda/Dorcas very near to here.
Acts9:35,10:17 Peter doubted the vision here and he also has a decision like Jonah on the same harbor, but he accepted it and went to teach.
-Where is my Joppa? Where is my place to face a choice or run away?

Walking tour to see the above, St.Peters Church, and the House of Simon the Tanner

9:11am going to Gibeon Valley area where Joshua fought the 5 Amorite kings, in the valley of Aijalon. Josh.10:7 And he made a 30mile trek to this site overnight to get here at that time.
on the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem is where the sun stood still
ISam.6:9,18, drove by Bethshemesh
10:35am drove to the valley of Elah where David faced Goliath, found a stone to bring back
11:14am trip to lunch on top of Mt.Carmel, lunch consisted of falafel and many kinds of salads and pickled vegetables
Mt.Carmel-Muhraqa/"The Sacrifice" The place where Elijah faced the prophets of baal and God lit the sacrifice on fire. Overlooking the Jezreel valley-Megiddo-and Naboth's vineyard
IKings 16:31-33, I Kings 18:21
Challenge: Make up your mind who this day you will serve?

3pm drove to Roman Theater, King Herod the Great's Palace, Fortress, Hippodrome, and Aquaduct
Fabulous palace! Sang in the room the Paul gave his testimony to King Agrippa and Festus. Acts 26:22-23 Challenge: Imagine the extreme intimidation Paul must have felt. What do you do when you're extremely intimidated?

5pm drove to Haifa and saw gorgeous views of the city on the Mediterranean while on Mt. Carmel (the opposite side from earlier)

bus to Tiberias at the Sea of Galilee where we ate dinner and checked in for the night!