Wandering to Wisconsin

My wonderful mother came to Denver to help me with the drive to Wisconsin from Denver. So as a thank you we started the long day with a treat from Waffle Brothers.
About...sixteenish hours later...while driving through the night keeping up with the pretzel and tea supply, we finally arrived in Kenosha, Wisconsin!

Wow, we were so happy to see the amazing harbor and gorgeous view of Lake Michigan. 

As we drove to several houses counting down the possibilities of who I could live with from Craigslist, we found a cool lighthouse.

I told mom after a few days at work that my time here feels like such a vacation. My days start at 7:30am and end at 4pm. The warm weather and wonderful views plus having mom with me made it such a relaxing first week. On some evenings we even strolled along the coast.

And to celebrate we of course had some Wisconsin cheese, Dunbarton Blue Cheddar, and some Bordeaux, even though we weren't too fancy and had to drink it from mugs. Gasp, I know.

The family I ended up deciding to live with is super sweet and only a short 10 minute drive to work. I also have a spare bedroom in the basement and my own dining room. So if anyone wants to visit I have plenty of space; come on up. The train awaits!

After I dropped off mom at the train station and headed to work, I opened my breakfast. So lovely to have whole strawberries in the yogurt and so bittersweet since I knew it wouldn't happen again. Oh, the love of a mom! Thanks for coming!