It's Memorial Day!

Meaning family time! And apparently in Wisconsin, also meaning Chocolatefest!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of my cute newest niece

a lovely breakfast with my squirrel mug. i think poppy ate half my oatmeal trying to find the squirrel in the bottom. i guess it's a great way to get you kids to eat until the bottom.
On to Chocolatefest!

And now the chocolatefest's petting zoo

apparently this is the size of the world's largest chocolate bar, as evidenced by the plaque below

Cetty seems sad she can't partake in the chocolate tastings

Her hat says, It's Chocolatefest AND I'm an official chocolate taster
Our last day together was rainy so we went to Mars Cheese Castle to try all the locals' favorites and then to a crazy packed outlet mall. 
Such a fun time, thanks all for visiting!