How to teach english with oxford seminars

Looking for a way to get to Japan but don't know how you'd support yourself? 

Teach English with Oxford Seminars

If you ask anyone who is from Japan or lived there for a time, they'll tell you that there are a large need for Native English teachers. Since Japan is very a very industrialized country it can be hard to find a job similar to your current career. 
It's a perfect opportunity if you have a heart for the Japanese people. Because of this, I signed up for a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)/TESOL/TESL course through Oxford Seminars. There are many programs similar to this but the main reason I chose Oxford was because they offer a money back guarantee if they can't find you a job. In a market like Japans', it also provides a high opportunity to save. 
And because I am hoping to be a part of our church over there, I was also drawn to the many options throughout our church areas which would provide for a much easier commute to either Shioda or Tokyo.
Other options I had looked at seemed to take me away from the areas of our church brethren, which would still be good opportunities but not where God has been touching my heart.
Another handy part of this seminar was the fact that they are held in many large cities and provide free informational sessions. So in my story through all of this I went to a free information session about 2 months ago in Indianapolis, IN. Then I signed up for a course in Washington D.C. since I had a prospective traveling contract there. However, the traveling contract fell through and I found a job, as many of you know, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. So I called up Oxford Seminars and asked if I could change to Milwaukee; the phone call lasted about 2 minutes and it was settled. 
The time commitment is three weekends (Saturday and Sunday, full days) and then a forty hour grammar course online. The class was such a rewarding experience meeting so many wonderful people, challenging myself with presentations, and learning all about lesson plans.


Kristen did a great job as our TEFL/TESOL/TESL instructor.


Ending it with a smile!